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With the construction of our country at present, the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of power electronic technology, power electronic facilities and people's life, the relationship between the increasingly close, and electronic
With China's modernization, the rapid growth of people's living level and improve the electric power electronic technology, power electronic facilities and business people, life increasingly close, power supply and electronic facilities cannot do without reliable, in 80s to enter the computer power one-sided to realize the switching power supply, the power of the computer to complete the update in 90s, one after another into the various types of electronic switching power supply, electric appliances category, program-controlled switching equipment, communication facilities, electronic detection power, control power supply facilities have been widely used in switching power supply, more agile development of switching power supply technology.
Switching power supply products have two kinds: one is the scale of the product, a standardized product. Normally, the scale is big batch product orders, gross profit is relatively low, the more intense scale. Non cooperative product order is relatively small, but the gross profit is relatively high, relatively small scale of cooperation. No normal grain raw material stock, but after receipt of customer orders in the original product of the fundamental improvement, ultimately to provide customers with customized products. With mass customization differences, customized switching power supply is more small batch customization, in order to better to control costs, and agile to customers provide low cost, high quality product customization. It is necessary to have the idea of product development enterprises rushed to power and raw materials purchasing power.
Net property research released the 2016-2020 China China switching power supply industry status analysis and development trend of study thought, high frequency switching power supply is the development direction, so that high-frequency switching power supply miniaturization, and switching power supply into more general use category, especially used in high-tech areas, spur the switching power supply of the annual increase in the growth and progress across the two digit rate toward the light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability, anti disturbance direction. The switching power supply can be divided into two categories AC/DC and DC/DC, DC/DC converter has been modularized, and the idea of technology and production process in at home and abroad are mature and standardized, and has obtained the user's recognition, but the AC/DC modular, because of its own characteristics in the process of making modular, encountered relatively large craft and craft. The other, switching power supply The growth and use of energy conservation, saving capital and has the main meaning.
<2016-2020 Chinese switching power supply industry status analysis and development trend of study on switching power supply market analysis > by the small, from macroscopic to microcosmic, taking the data as the fundamental, deeply analyzed the localization of switching power supply industry in the market, switching power supply industry development situation, market dynamic switching power supply, switching power supply enterprises the operation, switching power supply and switching power supply chain property policy impact.
<2016-2020 Chinese switching power supply industry status analysis and trend study > to investors one-sided there has been major switching power supply company and switching power supply industry related project status, future growth potential of the switching power supply, switching power supply into investment opportunities, switching power supply and control hazards, Hazard Response countermeasures.

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